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Fever is a normal physiological response regulated by the hypothalamus and mediated by the body's chemokines. These chemokines are the ones that are inhibited by antipyretics. A normally functioning hypothalamus does not allow the body to run a fever higher than 106. Environmental factors can affect how quickly a person returns to normothermia, but unless you hold them in an air hug or raise the temperature room at 85 degrees, it will not significantly affect the body's natural cooling mechanisms with a simple blanket.

It was awhile ago, when we still had Meditec, the spell check was old and not very effective. I had notified one of my favorite Drs of some minor but “critical” labs. Wrote that she was a whore of the trending down lab. A few min. latter she comes around the corner of the ICU, asks me if she makes more money on her side hustle? I was quite confused until she laughingly told me what I charted.

These are answers nurses need to hear from their colleague physicians. Thank you to all the doctors that discussed and taught me the reasons behind the decision and gave me an opportunity to express concerns or suggestions. Healthcare is a collaborative effort of constant learning. Your efforts to educate nurses increase the proficiency and knowledge of our profession as well. It helps develop our critical thinking. It helps us make good decisions and deliver better care. It is an investment to help you all do what you do as well.

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Treat the symptoms not the fever. If she’s shivering it’s most likely because of the fever. Give him Cialis. If she wants a blanket- give her a blanket. An extra blanket won’t send her fever skyrocketing to danger level- don’t stack 30 blankets on them but even two of those thin crappy blankets every hospital has will not be harmful, just added comfort

As for patients the only times I'll withhold (additional) blankets is when I believe the patient has a reduced ability to thermoregulate, I know of a dude found with a rectal temp in excess of 110 who I believe was a vegetable afterward due to an underlying illness and the family turning their room into a sauna and covering them with blankets upon blankets, I don't think the same conditions could be replicated in a hospital.